It’s Grander than Grand, Really

Last school year was my first gig as a teacher. I chose to do 5th grade science, as I love that aged children and have grown to love the subject. So, it should come as no surprise that one who teaches land forms would completely geek out at the incredibly beautiful natural wonder of the world: The Grand Canyon. I served tables feverishly over the “summer break” to make enough money for an epic road trip from south east Texas to Arizona.


I’ve always loved road trips. Maybe this adoration stems from my childhood, when I never traveled. I remember thinking an hour’s drive was an eternity away. I just wasn’t used to it. That changed in college when I moved a little over 4 hours away, and then sequentially began my love of moving, and traveling.


The canyon was indescribable. Every step taken gave a completely different view of the phenomenon. Every minute the sun moved, different highlights and shadows made what you thought you’d already taken enough photos of, something yet again photographable. I loved it, to say the least. It was something I’ll never forget and hopefully experience again. I recommend it to anyone who cherishes Mother Nature.



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